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The Center For Intentional Living

Education For Life with Charlie Verge, Ph.D. and Guest Faculty

Charlie's Spiritual Background and Journey

Charlie Verge Ph.D. is a devoted student of life, seeking to learn from all experiences, teachers, students, and relationships. He grew up in a highly devoted Catholic heritage, and although grateful for those teachings, began to expand to other teachings at a young age. His intuitive and sentient experiences as a boy created a hunger to study from any source that offered a path to knowing the expansiveness of our true selves.

As a young man, he studied with many great teachers and Masters in Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist, Jewish, and Christian traditions. He has also learned from the teachings of many Sufi, Jewish and Christian mystics and has learned techniques from great healers in all of these traditions. He has been also inspired by other great traditions including aboriginal, Native, shamanic, pagan, Goddess, theosophical, and sound current teachers to name a few. Also as a practitioner of many of the more so called power therapies and energy psychologies such as TFT, EFT, EMDR, Hypnosis, NLP, Core Dynamics/Wavemaker Coaching, NET, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Reference Point Therapy, Quick Pulse, Access Consciousness, Quantum Healing, and Matrix Energetics, he has adopted techniques within these practices to assist in practices for spiritual development.

Currently he is a devoted student of John-Roger, the founder and spiritual Master of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness. Yet mostly, Charlie is a student of life, one who studies from all, and is happy to share with all. He seeks to find the oneness in all traditions and embraces the variety of ways to express and live it.