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The Center For Inventional Living

Education For Life with Charlie Verge, Ph.D. and Faculty

Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Mastering Consciousness: Being YOU and Creating from and For YOU. THIS CLASS IS NOW FULL! CHECK BACK IN THE SUMMER FOR ANEW CLASS IN SEPTEMBER!!!!

An event designed for those following the teachings of The Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness

With Charlie Verge, Ph.D. 

A 10 week class

10-Week Class: Beginning Thursday February 18,2021 • 4:00-5:30 pm (EST) 1:00- 2:30 pm.Pacific $500 Class meets every other week for 10 weeks.

What if you knew and had absolute trust in you and your capacity to handle any energy, emotion, limitation, heaviness or problem and shift it into greater peace, possibility, and lightness with ease and joy FTHG? And what if learning to do this could be far easier than you think? Well, here is a class designed just for students of the Traveler in creating your life full of Grace and Ease. As J-R says "You are Creators" and "You are the Cause of all and the Effect of all", and that means everything from your mood when you wake up in the morning, to all your relationships, to your work, health, money, wealth, and soul transcendence. In this class you will learn simple, powerful, and highly effective approaches to any limitation or constriction in your life and moving it to greater space , greater joy and greater possibility. And to truly know who you are, to value and trust who you are, and to contribute and serve as you truly are with more joy and loving than ever before. Our adventure into A Greater You is derived from Charlie Verge's life long exploration of methods, practices and techniques that come from consciousness expansion approaches from around the world. And moreover, each approach and technique will be understood from the perspective of J-R's teachings and in his own words, so that each approach will effortlessly fit into your existing wealth of learning and awakening, and yet add another whole dimension to taking the teachings and using them for your upliftment and growth in a refreshingly new perspective. I hav already been teaching parts of this work in both the IHOP Program and the PTS Transcendent Leadership Program the past few years, as well as scores of on going classes for many not in MSIA for many years. But this is the first time I am offering this work in an on going class just for MSIA students and I am thrilled to see the potential of this class for folks who have been studying and applying the Teachings for so many years. I believe this class can be a rocket ship into higher consciousness and soul transcendence, and an amazing contribution to your existing skill sets. We will be drawing from such sources as Internal Family Systems Therapy, Access Consciousness, Core Dynamics, Quantum Field Approaches, and several other teachers and methods combined with my own creative techniques. You get to find exactly which resonate and call to you to assist you into Being You more, Loving You more, and Being One with the Christ and the Traveler. This is not a class where you have to follow anything outside yourself. It is truly about knowing and trusting YOU in a greater way than ever before and knowing that You being You is the gift and contribution the world is seeking! I invite you come play for 20 weeks (10 sessions) and enjoy the possibilities of you that await. No homework, but tons of fun!

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