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The Center For Intentional Living

Education For Life with Charlie Verge, Ph.D. and Guest Faculty

About Core Dynamics Coaching

Core Dynamics Coaching is a relatively new method of resolving a wide range of internal conflicts and human conditioning. This exciting approach was crafted by Tom Stone and represents a very effective set of pure awareness techniques that get at the underlying core conflict behind most addictions, unresolved taumatic reactions, anxieties, depressions, phobias, dysfunctional patterns, self esteem, and relationship issues to name just a few. This model can be considered transpersonal or psycho-spiritual, in that it holds that all problems are the result of losing a sense of our spiritual wholeness and falling into the illusions of separateness. The Core Dynamics model describes in detail the 12 different ways we lose that sense of wholeness and the childhood experiences and conditioning that create a sense of separation leading to false identifications of self. The three major core dynamics are resisting feelings fully, trying to force outcomes, and looking ouside oneself for a sense of who you are. And each of these core dynamics lead to others that further describe how we think, act and feel when we are not experiencing ourselves as whole and complete. The model also provides 8 innovative pure awareness techniques which powerfully dissolve these core dynamics, no matter how long or how pervasive they may have been in place, and restores once again that sense of being whole and complete inside oneself. These techniques are not meditation practices, hypnosis, or guided visualizations, but rather simple yet profound experiences of guided explorations of the somatic experience of the core dynamics being held in the body, and completing their energy in a way that restores peace and wholeness. This is not mindfulness, nor focusing, nor somatic therapy. This is an innovative appoach easily learned by both practitioners and clients. Often long standing issues can be effectively shifted in a very short amount of time. As one who has practiced many forms of transpersonal, somatic, and energy therapy, I have been very impressed with the effectiveness and efficiency of this work and am excited to bring it here to the New England area where it has not been taught up until now. And the beauty of this approach is that it requires no spiritual beliefs or trust in energy ideas at all. Very little of what I have described here needs to be explained or believed in by the client. The work is very practical and down to earth. The client need only be assisted to feel where the emotional experience of the issue is located in the body (much like IFS and other somatic work) and be willing to follow the simple instructions for resolving the energy. There is even a very easy and effective technique for clients who are challenged at locating emotion in the body. Anyone can learn to apply these methods and of course one gets better with practice and training. We are just beginning to offer training here at the Center in Core Dynamics Coaching and invite you to be among the first to learn this model and see the results in your work. Therapists, coaches, counselors, teachers, and clergy can all benefit greatly by adding these methods to your practice. It would be a pleasure to introduce you Core Dynamics Coaching at one of our upcoming trainings.

All the best.