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The Center For Intentional Living

Education For Life with Charlie Verge, Ph.D. and Guest Faculty

Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness, co-created by Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer is nothing short of a revolutionary approach to facilitating greater awakening to who you truly be and the infinite possibilities available to you that you have never known was possible before. Unlike any other approach, Access uses powerful yet simple techniques for gaining greater space for you by assisting you into being YOU with no judgments, no limitations, and no limiting points of view. What would it be like for you to be able to truly trust you, truly trust that you are not wrong, and truly trust that you can indeed create the life you deserve and desire. Access begins with moving from conclusions to questions, and from problems to possibilities. What if all the conclusions and definitions you have of who you are, are way too limiting of who you truly are, and what if all the problems in your life could easily be shifted into greater possibilities for creating a life of joy and happiness. If the idea of this makes you feel even a little more lighter and hopeful, try a session with Charlie to see what could open up for you that you never thought possible before.