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The Center For Intentional Living

Education For Life with Charlie Verge, Ph.D. and Guest Faculty

The Center for Intentional Living is a forum for classes, workshops, and retreats designed to uplift the human spirit and to awaken the soul to joyful living. We are just getting underway and are looking forward to our fall line up of courses!

Charlie Verge, Ph.D. is a gifted teacher, therapist, and healer who is devoted to serving professionals and the general public through educational opportunities for upliftment of the spirit and the creation of positive and fulfilling lives. He is a Licensed Psychologist, has taught courses in individual, couple, and family therapy in colleges and universities, institutes, and mental health settings for over 50 years.

As a devoted spiritual seeker, Charlie has practiced many forms of meditation and spiritual paths for over 50 years and has offered workshops and retreats on meditation, spiritual growth, and practical spirituality with thousands of people. Charlie combines his positive and intentional approaches to personal and relational growth, spirituality, and sexuality in a uniquely uplifting way that shows the possibilities for a joyful life.

He thinks of himself as a dedicated student of life, a soul learning from his experiences the best he can, and takes great pleasure in being in the company of others seeking the same. To learn from successes and failures, forgiving ourselves relentlessly, focusing on the blessings, and continuing the path upward toward greater understanding, compassion, and peace toward ourselves and the ones chosen by us and for us to love.

Come join us in the journey!